About this Blog:

This blog is about faith and politics, especially about Texas politics, and how these two are sometimes too terribly intertwined and can therefore be  dangerous to those who value both liberty and the golden rule; how they sometimes work together to produce ridiculously silly laws that a common person using just his common sense must figure out how to live with.

And sometimes a suggestion or two about what we common folks might do to make things better.


About Me:

I grew up in Kansas, live in East Texas, loaf a lot, travel a little, laugh often and remain bewildered a good part of the time.

I believe that life is good and precious  as are most folks…but there are a few folks that bear a constant watching.

Some things I like, in no particular order, are: Oysters, grand kids, family history, poetry,  poker (Texas Hold’em) and long lazy sunny afternoons.


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