Snowballs in Texas


They say a Democrat in Texas these days  has about the same chance of winning a Senate seat as a snowball in Texas.  Especially when he’s up against the handsome darlin’ of our Texas Tea Party. Mostly they say that with an impolitic grin looking out at me from under a   ‘Don’t Mess with Texas’ cap. But I’ve always been  a sucker for the underdog and I say That Democrat’s  got about the same chance that Truman had back in the day. Maybe even a scosh (that’s a hair less than a smidgen) better. It’ll be as easy as “chopping hogs” as a peculiarly Texan sport is called and maybe just as predictable.

I have a feeling I’m not the only one who’s more than a little fed up with the shenanigans that have  gone on down in Austin since the Republican\Tea Party won their 101 to 48 super majority with a turn coat.  Oh, I know the polls say ‘That Democrat’ is so far down he’s forgotten what ‘UP’  looks like and wouldn’t recognize it if it sashshayed right up and kissed him on the cheek but poll  findings these days  are as skitterish as hummingbirds, here today plumb gone tomorrow, just like they were in 1948.  Sure, I know the Party Darlin’ spent 7.8 million dollars defeating his primary rivals and still has 1.5 million left while That Democrat hasn’t  shucked the wrappers off the first million yet.  Never you mind, contrary to the caricatures, money isn’t everything in Texas politics no more than it is up on K Street. Never has been down here. We like a good horse race, we like the brawl and outrageous  gall of the unlikely candidate, the risk taker,  the one with a snowball’s chance.  Our political history is full of them.

Democratic version of Look away!

Democratic version of Look away! (Photo credit: Norm Walsh)

The Party Darlin’ might  want to remember that.

In the 2011 session down in  the state capital these new  folks   pulled off a few  fast ones that would make even Fast Eddy blush.  They got away with it too  but the press made sure the story was told right in time for this election.  Ladies, with all the new free time you’ll have while riding a bus to the nearest WHP (since the Planned Parenthood Clinic near your home has closed) I trust you’ll be mulling over the new sonogram law among other things, like our famous Governor giving all that Medicaid money back to Washington and what that  means to you and your family. Please don’t forget who’s so kindly been looking after you  cuz you’re so  obviously not smart enough to look after yourself.

Unfortunately, we are about as good at voting down here as we are at dancing Gangnam style.

In the 2010  gubernatorial election our famous Governor won 51% of the vote which truly  stated amounted to just about 13% of all the registered voters since less than a pitiful 25% of us actually got off our hiney’s and voted. And that was before the sorry flub-ups of his infamous run for national office in 2011.  He might not even  top 9% now. In 2008 when Obama ran the first time he did not carry Texas, nobody expected him to. But in  my county over 58% of us turned out to vote for him.  A whole lot of those voters were women.

From where I sit if those kind of numbers turn out this November I think a snowball’s got a chance.

Can you say transvaginal  sonogram?

This post is part of the Weekly Challenge.

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4 Responses to Snowballs in Texas

  1. almiramay says:

    Hook ’em Sailor. Hoping eventually Texians will regain their senses. (As dim as that prospect seems at the moment.) Remember Yarborough? Remember Bentsen? Remember Sam Rayburn? Remember Jim Wright? Remember LYNDON!

  2. sjlewis says:

    Thanks kindly, for those encouraging words.

  3. Judith Robl says:

    Just now saw this. You are in fine voice. I could HEAR you all the way.

  4. sjlewis says:

    Much obliged for your kind words. Not a tad too loud I hope.

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