A Universal Story

This video “Through The Tall Grass”  by the Russian group Lube is the story of friendship  made, betrayed, reforged, diverged, renewed, enduring as we travel from the child to the  man.  No need  to understand Russian to understand this story, we all know it by heart in some form or another.

Here are some of the words anyway – just because I like them.

Through The Tall Grass
Yuri Gladkevich

How many winters, how many years,
how much water has flowed,
how many lives have passed without me,
how many lives it took from me.
I returned home,
and temples with gray
specked in distant lands,
Yes and chest covered in medals continuum.

On high, high grass
I will go into full view.
Breathe in deeply
air of these fields,
I have long forgotten the taste.
Between the high stacks —
golden stubble.
Come’ll bosoyu foot
warmth obogreet land.
After a couple of steps
box to remember me
the return of, say, home,
returning home, old man.

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