Is Sarah Palin That Crazy?

Is Sarah Palin that crazy?  We know she’s not that dumb..or is she?  She did say  that the proximity of Russia to her home in Alaska  endowed her with  foreign policy experience.   Is she really so crazy that she thinks anyone could sneak a bill through congress that would require our senior citizens to  stand before a    “death  panel    so [President Obama’s] bureaucrats can decide … whether they are worthy of health care.” as she has so deceitfully asserted?  Or is she  just an echo?

Or is she crazy like a sneaky fox?  Senior citizens vote – in large percentages as any astute politician knows. So, being the astute political student that she is, taking her cues from mentors like  Limbaugh, Savage (Weiner) McCaughey and O’Rielly ,  she is making  all the outrageously false but downright  frightening statements she can come up with.  Her formula seems to be; mix a sprinkling of truth with a huge old smile and a handful of emotional inflammatory phrases, then stir in a few deliberate  distortions while declaring how much you love America, click your heels together three times, stand back and watch the multiplying  explosions.  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Hello – look who’s  back  in the spotlight.

It’s a ploy that works by forcing your opponent to waste time, money and energy defending a truth which wouldn’t have to be defended at all if so many of us were not part of the “feed me, Seymour”  gang.  It is a tactic she  skillfully employed again and again during the 2008  campaign and is continually honing. She used it against Letterman in a wondrously serpentine  fashion and now she is focused on health insurance reform. AARP executive vice president of policy John Rother said “Right now it seems there is an intentional effort to distort what’s in the legislation and that’s confusing the public debate”.

Exactly as intended.

AARP has posted this easy to understand review of the highlights of the Health Insurance Reform bill currently before the House  and this on the so called “Death Panel”   Yes, this bill does address the logical need for doctors to provide counseling to patients who  are entering the last stages of their lives; counseling that allows each patient to decide, in advance of need, how much treatment they wish to have and where and under what circumstances, with guidance from a doctor they trust.  As a culture we avoid accepting death, we avoid speaking of or making any logical planning for it.  And as a consequence our loved ones are forced to make decisions on our behalf  we should have and could have spared  them, with a little planning.  Monsignor Charles Fahey, 76,  who is chairman of   the National Council on Aging board says “What I have said is that if I cannot say another prayer, if I cannot give or get another hug, and if I cannot have another martini — then let me go.”  I suspect most of us agree with him but we just haven’t gotten around to filling out  a health care proxy , an advance health care directive or  living will   quite yet.

For a little more insight into the end of life issues that this bill does address you can look here or here



BTW – have you seen this piece on Ben Stein?  Life is just sooo confusing.

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