We Are All Pro-Life

I had started this post May 22, more than a week before Dr Tiller was assassinated in his church. Below is my  first few thoughts in that draft:

  • Everyone who believes in the sanctity of life is pro-life. The devil is in the details.
  • What types of life are important?  Should I become a vegetarian to honor the sanctity of animal life?
  • We all acknowledge there are limits. Where are the limits? That is the crux of our dilemma.
  • How much suffering will we allow or impose to protect these ?
  • Most any one will shoot a horse to put him out of his misery but we viciously will children to be born to suffer.  

Yesterday,  I was wandering the Internet in my usual concentric way, trying to find something rational and informative, coming first on this piece on Bill O’Rielly’s culpability in Dr. Tiller’s murder, then to this post by Frank Schaeffer on Little Green Footballs saying “The people who stir up the fringe never take responsibility…”.  Then Michelle Malkin’s  site reminded me again how very, very  low the common denominator is on the Internet among commentators of all ilks and how hate is so often the currency of first choice.  Nothing rational here.

My question – how does what Cimbalo suggests differ from the rapes that are part and parcel of  genocide as practiced in Darfur or Bosnia?  Oh, right,  his suggestions were meant as humorous irony. Is this what passes for humor these days?

Let me be clear, I find the details of  late term abortions appalling, so appalling I cannot imagine anyone enduring it unless that individual found the consequences of not aborting  more appalling.  Here is another story.  Blog Meridian has a well reasoned piece on ‘excessive certainty’   and excessive certainty  is very relevant to this discussion.  And there is this about the  place or importance of  ‘personhood’  in the debate.  Beliefnet’s Steve Waldman offers a different  premise,  another way of framing the debate.

 Bill O’Rielly reportedly  charged Dr. Tiller’s  Clinic  with covering up for child rapists   (Nov 2006) by refusing to release records on the abortions performed.  What an incendiary charge.  If he truely believed these patients were children who had been raped, did he also believe  that  compulsory maternity (as Edward Abbey called it) was in the best interest of these victims?     I  find it appalling that any child, any victim of rape and/or incest or frankly any woman unwilling to do so, would be compelled to complete a pregnancy. Where is the compassion here for any of the lives involved? 

In today’s multimedia  “Feed Me”  world compassion doesn’t have much entertainment value.  Shock and hate are the big ticket items. Bill O’Rielly is a commentator, not a reporter, not a journalist, not a newsman,  just an entertainer, who is looking to expand his 3.3 million audience.   Please, don’t take him seriously.




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