Finding Lost Treasures

I had lost my friend for awhile. Today I found her again but  I don’t know if that is a good thing or not.  Cuz what I actually found were her blogs, her public self,  not her.

Ever have that happen?

Of course, I was delighted to catch up with her again, to read her blogs, to hear the path her thoughts were taking , the direction in which  her life was moving. If I’d been close enough I’d have given her a hug. I’d have said ‘you look soooo good!’

From what I’d read it seemed she was making progress towards her goals -writing her novel, getting it published, expanding her ministry, making commitments and keeping them.  By comparison, like a fat old bear I’d been sleeping,hibernating.  All I’d done lately was ferment.

Do you know that feeling? It’s not a good one, is it?

Why do we do that?  Why do we look at others and just assume we’ve been less, done less, are less?

Whose to say  that a little  fermenting, doing a little serious stewing in my own juices was not exactly what I should have been doing?  Another day will tell if this wine was worth the wait or not.

As for today – well the azalea’s are beginning their glorious dance with spring and who am I to complain.

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